Miniature Wonderland Hamburg
The world is sometimes so small, sometimes so big

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

You may find that Hamburg is super, but sometimes a bit large. Don´t worry, we sometimes feel the same. Then we decide to make a therapy – an excursion to Miniature Wonderland. There everything is really very small, to be exact 1:87. Miniature Wonderland is the world´s largest model railway, and you can find it in "Speicherstadt".

In Miniature Wonderland even Hamburg is mini. But it has everything that Hamburg also has: The landing bridge, the Michel, Speicherstadt with the old warehouses, the Kohlbrandt-Bridge, Hagenbeck Zoo, and the miniature wonderland itself in 1:900. And then there is the Imtech Arena. In case you're a SC St.Pauli-fan, you have to be brave: You and about 12.000 tini little Wonderland inhabitants can watch every day the narrow defeat of St.Pauli against the big club HSV. But if you can't stand that, quickly move away from it. Currently Miniature Wonderland Hamburg is presenting 7 more little wonderlands:

Italy is still in progress, and till 2020 France and England will follow.

Not only for railway freaks: In Miniature Wonderland you may experience in a few hours what may happen in many days and nights in various regions of the world: Whether it is gambling in Las Vegas, climbing in the Alps, or rowing in the Norwegian Fjords, everything is possible in Wonderland.

Enjoy your stay in Hamburg by visiting Miniature Wonderland with its 200.000 inhabitants, be fascinated by 800 trains, 4.000 (partly) driving cars and ships, or the 300.000 lamps, a unique ocean of lights. Wonderland is the extraordinary spectacle for the whole family for your stay in Hamburg.

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg
Kehrwieder 2-4/ block D
20457 Hamburg (Germany)

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