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The Luka State - Molotow (Karatekeller)

Nobistor 14
22767 Hamburg Hamburg
4,8 km bis St. Georg
1,3 km bis St. Pauli
Start: 25.11. - 23:00 Uhr

Jever Live Late Night Special mit The Luka StateEinlass: 23h | AK: 5€ (für alle Floors inkl. Konzert) “If people can feel like something is happening and they're catching the tail of something, then that's what we want and that's what we want people to take from our music; that something is happening and it's a big massive fucking party,” declares frontman Conrad Ellis, the driving force behind Cheshire's modern indie heroes The Luka State. Armed with a cannon of indie anthems both Blossoms and Catfish And The Bottlemen would kill for, 2017 is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for The Luka State. Since the Winsford four-piece formed in 2013 they've bulldozed house parties across the land, hooked up with ‘Game Of Thrones’ stars, launched their own music show on YouTube and popped up in the critically acclaimed John Lennon biopic ‘Nowhere Boy’. Now The Luka State are determined to gatecrash the UK Top 10 as they ready their debut album ‘Fall In Fall Out’ for release later this year. They've already kick started 2017 with two immense singles, 'Lies! Lies! Lies!’ – described by as “firing with the pent-up rage and energy you’ll find in early Supergrass and Manic Street Preachers tracks” - and ‘Bring This All Together’, described by BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson “better than Kasabian” and a Track Of The Week at Radio X, and a track so anthemic its been used by Sky Sports, BT Sport, and both BBC and ITV Sport to soundtrack their recent coverage. And the word is getting out about The Luka State’s ferocious live shows - later this month they will headline the Camp & Furnace at Liverpool Sound City, and they will make their debut at The Isle Of Wight Festival in June. The Luka State’s Sam Bell – bassist and Conrad's fellow founding member - has been at the helm of ‘Fall In Fall Out’ at Birmingham's Summerfield Studios, under the watchful eye of Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Eringa and Chris Sheldon, who has previously worked with Feeder and the Foo Fighters. “There is a running theme of lies, deceit, love, lust and anger running through the album,” says Conrad. “Everybody's been thrown over the side of the boat once in their life haven't they? And on this album I'm the guy thrown over that boat. I don't think there's a lot of music around at the minute that's saying anything but we are and I think that's important.” Both on and off stage The Luka State are fizzing with rock’n’roll attitude. In a day and age where the charts are dominated by drab generic pop, this is a band who mean what they sing and have lived it. “I think if you strip everything back, it's the song writing that speaks for itself because Conrad talks about everyday life,” adds Sam. “Everyone has been through similar things in life we can relate to.” “I can name five guitar bands – Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The 1975, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Blossoms – that are regularly in the charts today. Other than that, chart wise nobody is getting Number One albums,” continues Conrad. “I think it's something we lack in this country and it's something we need. It gives us a kick up the arse and drives us to want to be that band in the Top 10 again.” Determined to avoid Winsford's two main career options - working down the local salt mines or Pritt Stick's nearby glue factory - Conrad and Sam have been carving out their path to rock 'n' roll glory since they first picked up their guitars. “The main reason we formed the band was because there is fucking nothing to do around here. It comes from the pure boredom of being in a shitty job or having no job,” says Conrad. “Even when me and Sam were kids we wanted to be one of the biggest bands in England, in the world in fact.” Conrad and Sam first met at school aged 12, where they bonded over a mutual love for iconic guitar bands like The Clash, The Jam, and, of course, The Beatles. Many years later they later ended up recruiting another old school friend Lewis Pusey (guitar) and Jake Barnabas on drums to complete The Luka State line-up. “We were racking our brains, auditioning people and it wasn't working,” says Conrad. We just thought 'Lewis, why haven't we thought of Lewis?' So we asked him and he just fitted like a glove, he gets the same music that we're about.” “And then Jake the drummer is the most incredible musician I've probably ever met. Me and Sam had seen him at a few festivals and it was one of those moments where we just turned to each other and we both went, 'We're having him'.” After building up a fervent fan base in their hometown, before long The Luka State found themselves playing to raucous crowds in living rooms, kitchens and barns much like The Libertines did during their early days. “It was an idea that had been kicking around for a while,” says Sam. “We were playing some gigs and for us we always thought the best gigs were the small venues with people right up to your nose. “We wanted to create our own movement, our own kind of thing where it's the fans that are booking you and you're going to them,” adds Conrad. “You're taking the gig, the atmosphere, the music, the performance to them in their living room. It's absolutely fucking bonkers. But we know people that are buzzing off it. And as they always say, there's no better feeling than seeing the whites of their eyes when you're playing and everybody's trashed.” The booze-drenched house party shows have already taken the band as far afield as Germany and Paris while their anthemic hits in waiting and star studded music videos (Game Of Thrones star Thomas Brodie-Sangster appeared in the video for '30 Minute Break') continue to amass millions of spins on Spotify and YouTube. “I once appeared in (the BAFTA nominated) Nowhere Boy, I played George Harrison in that,” Sam reveals. “That's how I met Thomas. I was just telling him about this idea for a music video and he said he'd love to be a part of it. He just wanted to do it. A lot of people initially only checked out the video to see him but then they were like, 'We really love your music'. A lot of them fans have been following us ever since.” And their talents don't end there. Frustrated by a general lack of recognition for working class guitar bands, Sam and Conrad recently launched their own popular new music show ‘Listen To This’ on YouTube. “The job me and Sam are doing by showing these new bands and this great music, MTV should be fucking do it but they're not, instead they're playing out Geordie Shore and Ex-On The Beach and all that wank,” Conrad spits. “I used to come home from school and put MTV and Gonzo on every night. But now it's been taken over by these fame hungry idiots who haven't got an ounce of talent in their little finger. That's why we started this thing up.” In a world increasingly dominated by second rate celebrities and false truths, The Luka State provide a much needed breath of fresh air. “We're ready to absolutely smash this year and see what it brings,” concludes Conrad. “We've never felt so ready.”


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