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Metal Monday: Spitanger + Dirt Forge

Knust Hamburg
Neuer Kamp 30
20357 Hamburg
Start: 18.06. - 19:00 Uhr
Ende: 18.06. - 23:00 Uhr

Danish Metal Invasion SPITANGER is one of the few Nordic bands, that truly master the select genre of Groove Metal, heavily defined by such notabilities as Pantera, Testament & Lamb Of God. The band released an extremely well received Full length début album in the Fall of 2015 on their own label (facilitated by German marketing company Oktober Promotion), which among others, led to no less than 3 nominations back in DK, in 3 different Award shows, as upcoming metal act of the year! Now finishing and soon releasing their brand new EP, the band is ready to some select live shows, before beginning the process of recording the full length follow up, which they plan to release in the Fall 2018. DIRT FORGE from Copenhagen, Denmark was founded in 2013. e trio plays doom/ sludge metal with inspiration from High On Fire, Mastodon, Crowbar and Black Sabbath, among others, and use a heavy of dynamic soundscapes with everything from slow, fragile melodies and crushing ri s and thunderous drums. Despite the band’s relatively short lifetime, they have already played a large amount of shows, and supported giants within their genre such as Crowbar (US), Church Of Misery (JAP) and Monolord (SE) and got chosen to play the prestigious When Copenhell Freezes Over festival in 2018 alongisde 5 of the best upcoming metal bands from Denmark. And besides having played a national tour with bands Bersærk, Grusom and Slowjoint, Dirt Forge are going on a 2018 winter/spring tour in Denmark with hardcore band Sons Of Death Valley. In May 2017 Dirt Forge released their self- nanced debut record “Soothsayer”, recorded and produced by Chris Fielding in Skyhammer Studios, Liverpool, who have previously worked with giants such as Napalm Death, Electric Wizard, Primordial and his own band Conan. e tracks on the record have as of this day gotten over 77.000 plays on Spotify, numerous very positive reviews and was chosen as “Tip Of e Month” in Germany’s Rock Hard Magazine. Dirt Forge is an intense live band, which, with ear-ripping guitar ri s, seismologic bass lines and a drum set that su ers by a incredibly hard-hitting drummer, without a doubt will leave a lasting impression on all concert goers.


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