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Knust Hamburg
Neuer Kamp 30
20357 Hamburg
Start: 25.09. - 20:00 Uhr
Ende: 25.09. -23:59 Uhr

METAL MONDAY mit SHOTGUN REVOLUTION + Johnny MattersThere are very few Danish rock bands who delivers their music as uncompromising as Shotgun Revolution. This is a band who insists on making varied, playful and above all, well played rock 'n' roll that can stand on its own feet when compared to the giants of the genre. With hundreds of concerts all over the world from America to China, and even a visit to the international troops in Afghanistan, Shotgun Revolution is a group of international quality and with their third album, All This Could Be Yours, they’ve never been stronger. With All This Could Be Yours the band delivers dirty rock ‘n' roll, untamed punk rock and metal, while their love for the acoustic ballad is still intact. For songwriting, the band sought new inspiration in the United States, where guitarist Martin Frank has been to Kentucky co-writing with the hard rock group Black Stone Cherry on the first single, "City Of Fire". In addition Shotgun Revolution is going to support, Black Stone Cherry on their Scandinavian tour at the end of February. During the recording process the band's rhythm guitarist decided to leave the band to focus on his own music and his future family expansion, which questioned the band's continued existence. A process which the band came out strengthened by. Lead Guitarist Martin Frank explains: "When a member of the band chooses to leave the" family ", it forces the band members to see each other thoroughly in the eyes ... are we going to keep on doing this? And the answer was an earthquake-shaking ... YES!" The album was once again recorded in Copenhagen with Metallica legend Flemming Rasmussen at the wheel, mixed in Los Angeles by Ben Grosse (Slipknot, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Disturbed) and mastered in New York by Ryan Smith (AC/DC).


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Noch kein Bett für nach der Party? Wir haben die passende Bude für Euch, ob für zwei, drei, vier, fünf oder sechs von Euch. Kommt vorbei und schlaft Euch aus. Frühstück gibt es bei uns bis 12 Uhr, falls es spät wird…

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