What the Cup?

World Cup at Superbude. Details »

World Cup at Superbude

At Superbude we show all World Cup 2018 games that involve Germany, the quarter final, semi final and of course the final.

In case you want to see any other game just ask at the reception, and if possible we will definitely drop the canvas.

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Hatari the corner

Hatari the corner
Beim grüner Jäger 21
20359 Hamburg
4,8 km bis St. Georg
449 m bis St. Pauli

At “Hatari the corner“ you can combine food and entertainment as the surface low windows allow you to watch the happenings outside while waiting for your food. Aside coffee, homemade lemonades and smoothies the restaurant serves changing lunch, organic beef burger, healthy bowls, stacks and in the evening also a variety of pizza, craft beer and cocktails.

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