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We are happy to host and do what we do with all our heart. Whether at home, where we cook with friends, chat and drink wine, at the end of the evening the beds and prepared and in the morning a delicious breakfast-is ready to be enjoyed – or at Superbude, same, same.
We do not follow norms, but values. We are all individual personalities - distinct, versatile and authentic. Just like you. We should get to know each other….!
But hey, it's about the feel-good factor, isn´t it? Giving the person in front of you a smile to their face – a natural and honest one. The personality combined with professionalism is our determination. The location, the design and the quality seem to please our guests and friends. The concept at Superbude with practical but cozy rooms, self-service on a trust basis, the Kitchenclub and many other activities such as concerts or barbecues, is so much fun to you - and us. We like to call our cooperation partners our friends – sounds less “important” but sweeter. Life shouldn´t be so serious, it should be sweet. We will not change this but we will at the same time always reinvent ourselves and our ideas with the help of fresh wind – of which we receive a lot here in Hamburg. Blow of the dust and let it shine!
Before this becomes a whole fairytale, here are some quotes of people who form, create and grow with Superbude because those are most suitable, to describe us:

Jörn - General Manager

“ Superbude - this is where I meet friends and colleagues with whom I like to work. I can laugh with my colleagues but also be sad sometimes. Create ideas and make plans, work on our shared visions and think about how we can put them into practice. We can live, lead and shape our Superbude as if we were our own guests. I am firmly convinced that this feeling is also transferred to the guests. This philosophy and the smile of the employees and guests drive me.”

Alice – Marketing & Guest Relations

“I like to be part of this team and enjoy going to work (!! For real !!). I love working with this specific team! Sometimes I leave Superbude and am super tired but then I at least know, that I have moved things – I like it! The most important for me is that I support the product to 100% which is essential as part of the marketing team.”


"Superbude means professionalism and coolness at once. 
In addition, the trust base is still really cool here. Both, from boss to coworker as well as from coworkers to guest. Could perhaps change as we grow, but so far it is definitely working and good to have. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make life so great especially when working at the reception. When guests realize little DIY things and are happy about it or when they read about the tips we give for hot days in summer. Or they would like to thank you for making a telephone booking so uncomplicated & fast."

Julian – Events & Marketing

"I have never enjoyed work as much as i do here in my life. 
Because of the friendship like relations with colleagues and guests, the Superbude is probably the coolest work one can do. Everyone can stay true and truly as they are and together, realize a one in a kind concept – daily! 
And because this is probably applicable to anyone here, our guests feel welcome and good here."

Jule - Front Office

"I chose Hamburg as my home and Superbude as my employer. Here I can be like I am. Nobody has to pretend to be something they're not and everyone can contribute with their personality to the team. Superbude means fun at work and working with friends. Everyone is welcome, whether they are young or old, tall or short. It is nice to see how we make our guests happy with our concept, that makes me happy too. There is no place where I would rather work."

Klaas - Sales, Marketing & Events

"I was always curious to work in the tourism industry because the people we work for (our guests) trust us with their precious free time. To “sell” a product that is not only authentic and emotional but also worthy lets me work with a clear conscience. We know that our guests leave this place happy and satisfied. Working on this nice product together with a cool crew at Superbude makes me happy!"


Our soundbox, hamburg sounds for your trouser pocket. Available at our reception or here.

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